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Consciously created products that make life a little easier


Lovely to meet you

We are Numi. A brand that celebrates what it means to be a woman.

We understand life's little unsaid quirks. And we think it’s OK to talk about them. After all, they’re what unite us and it's likely we share similar frustrations.

We make consciously created products that make life a little easier for us all and inspire a culture of kindness. Our products are a labor of love. We obsess over the finer details so you don’t have to; from the yarns we knit to the materials we choose to package our shipments. These things matter.

Everything we do, we do with care.  We care about women and how they feel, just like we care about supporting local factories and the impact we have on our planet.

It’s simple. We want to lead the way towards a more conscious and sustainable world.

Our Founder

Numi was born out of personal necessity. Our founder, Michelle, had been working in finance for some time when she realized she never wore her favorite clothing.  They were either prone to noticeable sweat stains or expensive to dry clean.

She started looking for a solution she could wear comfortably and invisibly under her clothes, but quickly realized there was nothing out there. And that’s when she came up with the concept for Numi’s first product, a high-performance women's undershirt.

Michelle decided to leave finance and began pursuing her idea in 2013. Lacking any real experience in fashion or manufacturing, she had no choice but to knock on factory doors and start to learn from scratch. And from there she began to turn her concept into reality. 

After creating the first prototype of the original Numi undershirt, she launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund her first production run.

Numi was born.

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