Meet the wardrobe game changer.


Sick of sweat stains? Terrified of raising your arms?

With NUMI—a line of innovative undershirts—you’ll make sweat stains a thing of the past!

And we’ve summarized the 8 reasons why you’ve GOT to try them out!


1. It really does stop sweat stains!

You’ll get 2x protection thanks to NUMI’s Sweat-Secret™ Fabric Technology. Keep moisture away from your body, to help you stay dry.

2. So you can wear what you want, when you want

Don’t sweat it! Now you can rock your white shirts, silk shirts, and thin tops with confidence.

3. You save on dry cleaning!

Women spend more than $2,000 a year on dry cleaning. With NUMI you’ll keep your clothes clean longer, which means your dry cleaner only has to see your face a fraction of the time 🤑

4. Cleaning them is easy

NUMI’s sustainable undershirts are comfortable, practical and easy to wash! Just throw them in your washing machine and then tumble dry.

5. The fabric is super breathable

Thanks to NUMI’s Tencel fabricethically sourced fabric made from eucalyptus treesthese undershirts are super soft and super breathable. Like Baby Bear you’re never too hot, never too cold, and always juuuuuust right!

6. Choose from five different styles

And up to six different colours! NUMI comes in black, white, three nude tones, or pink. Stay tuned: there are more styles and colours to come!


7. Plus you’ve got two ways to wear it

It’s reversible! Wear it as a scoop neck or a crew neck. With two-shirts-in-one, it’s great for mixing and matching with all your different cuts.

8. You have a 90-day money back guarantee!

Thinking of trying it out? Give these shirts a test and if you’re not satisfied, you’ve got 90-days to return it money back guaranteed!

(But we figure you’ll probably fall in love like we did!)

Let sweat stains be a thing of a past and get your NUMI, today!