Sweat stains? Expensive dry cleaning? Deodorant marks?

So many ways to save your clothes with one simple, comfortable, solution.

Meet the Essential Sweat-Proof Undershirt Collection.





Experience the Difference

Upgrade Your Base Layer: Say Goodbye to Regular T-Shirts

Let's talk about why a regular t-shirt falls short when it comes to being your go-to base layer. Here's the deal: regular tees just can't keep up with the demands of your day-to-day.

Enter Numi undershirts. Crafted with advanced sweat-proof technology, they're your secret weapon against unwanted moisture and odor. Designed for both comfort and style, Numi undershirts elevate your wardrobe essentials, ensuring you stay dry, fresh, and confident from morning to night.

Secret Sweat Shields

Each Essential Undershirt is enhanced with a discreet sweat shield in the underarm made from special sweat absorbing technical fabric.

This gives you extra sweat protection while keeping you dry and comfortable. And keeps your clothes clean longer.


Gentle on skin. Long lasting. Breathable.

TENCEL™ is a sumptuously soft fabric that regulates your body temperature, making it the perfect layering piece.

The Reviews Are In


"This was my first Numi purchase and I couldn't be happier! These undershirts are comfortable and really help extend the life of my clothes by reducing washing." - Lauren A., Verified Buyer


"Underarm shields are well-made and beautifully-constructed. Unlike other products on the market, they are cut low in back and front and along the side of the collar so they don't peak through the overgarment." - Tanyss L., Verified Buyer


"Wow, this is the perfect undershirt - especially for purposes of preventing sweat stains!" - Farnoosh N., Verified Buyer


"I got this shirt because I use natural deodorants and they don't work as well as antiperspirant. This shirt protects my blouse and keeps me odor free." - Jaclyn G., Verified Buyer

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