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Email Etiquette

A well written email has the ability to boosts your professionalism.

A well written email has the ability to boosts your professionalism, however, there are times when etiquette rules are forgotten, and professionalism goes out of the window. Here are a few tips to improve you email etiquette at work:

  1. Scale back the attachment size
    Receiving an email with an attachment so large that causes the rest of your emails to bounce is annoying. Make sure to zip or compress all attachments’ before sending.
  2. Spell Check
    Emails with spelling mistakes are not taken seriously. On that note, it is particularly detrimental to spell the receivers name wrong.
  3. Use exclamation points sparingly
    Use a maximum of one exclamation point otherwise you risk coming looking childish.
  4. Add the email last
    It’s better to add the email of your recipient last in case you hit send by accident before your finished writing it.
  5. Make use of the subject field
    Creating a clear subject line can determine whether your email is even opened. Spelling mistakes, all caps and all small case can be mistaken as spam and should be avoided.