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5 Spring Trends to Shop Now

We've rounded up the some Spring 2017 fashion trends for you to add to your daily wardrobe from weekend to workday fashion.
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With the weather warming up and the sun finally shining through the clouds, its time to get ready for spring. We've rounded up the top 5 trends to add to your weekly wardrobe to get you spring time ready. 

1. Statement Bags

As we have come to learn, keeping a wardrobe composed of essentials and wardrobe staples will ensure you don't have to repurchase and create excessive amounts of garment waste each season. This is when you can have some fun with your accessories! Statement bags are all the fun this Spring season. Try colourful prints, bold colours, loud statements or quirky patches to spice up an outfit or just have some fun on the way to work.


2. Embellished Denim

You can get creative with this one, trade in your ripped boyfriend denim this season and get an embellished pair to add some flare to the traditional jeans + tee combo! Or give your old jeans a much needed DIY - grab a sewing needle, some pearls, a bottle of wine and some girlfriends for a crafty night in! If you aren't a fan of the pearls - have a go at sequins, paint, patches or fabric stripes.

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3. Sheer Layers

Pull out your sheer shirts and have some fun. Instead of layering a nude NUMI underneath them, try a black one for added contrast. Or, skip the under layer all together and layer a tank over top the sheer top. For fun layering as the weather warms up, throw on your favourite slip dress, tank or graphic tee and grab a sheer dress, sweater or open style jacket to add a light layer as a styling focal point.

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4. Layered Dresses

You can pull out some of your favourite dresses a few weeks early with this trend. Layer long tunics and loose fitting dresses over your work pants or straight leg jeans for a weekend casual look. Long dresses with side or front slits are perfect for layering, or a long button up with the buttons un done half way down. 

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5. Ruffles

An updated twist on the classic 16th century style, Ruffles are making a comeback in a subtle and sophisticated way. Small ruffles on the chest and necklines of shirts and blouses are a way you can incorporate it into your work week wardrobe. Look for sweatshirts or dresses with them for everyday wear. Don't want to commit to added volume on the chest? Look for tops that have tiered ruffle sleeves or body for a fun, swinging look. 

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