5 Podcasts to Listen to for Inspiration

5 Podcasts to Listen to for Inspiration

Podcasts have been around for a while but they're still all the rage. There are new podcasts that come out every week! It's a great way to kill time on your commute and stay motivated and positive. Here are our five favorites to listen to when we're feeling low on inspiration!

First, The Lively Show with Jess Lively is an uplifting podcast that challenges you to look at all aspects of your life!

The second podcast is The Balanced Blonde Podcast / Soul on Firean all around great podcast that covers a wide variety of topics like business, wellness and writing that will be sure to get your creativity flowing!

Next up is PRIV Talks is a podcast from Privilege Clothing from the West Coast of Canada. If you want to work in the fashion or beauty industry and need some inspiration or don't know where to start, listen to this podcast. They are honest and don't hold back about the the ups and downs of running a business in the digital age. 

The fourth podcast, The Chasing Joy Podcast helps bring energy and joy into your life with meaningful conversations about wellness!

Lastly, a classic podcast, GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso,  in which Sophia interviews other successful GirlBosses! It's a great way to see what other women are doing and should inspire whatever venture you have going on in your life currently!

Let us know your favourite podcasts in the comments below!


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