Amazon Checkout-Free Grocery Store and Make Holiday Hosting Easier

Amazon Checkout-Free Grocery Store and Make Holiday Hosting Easier

What I’m Talking About: Amazon to Launch Checkout-Free Grocery Store


On Monday, Amazon announced the opening of its Checkout-Free Grocery store next year. The idea being that customers can simply walk into an Amazon Go store, scan a barcode on the Amazon App, take items from shelves and walk out without having to wait in line to pay.

Using their coined term “Just Walk Out” technology. Sensors will detect which items have been selected. The products will be charged on your Amazon account automatically. The first store is in its testing phase and currently open in downtown Seattle using Amazon employees as their first customers.

There are evident pros to this service as people’s willingness to wait for services has declined. This is possibly the saving grace for many consumers.

We see that grocery stores have moved their services online, but would you be comfortable and interested in Amazons Checkout-Free grocery stores?

Life Changer Hack: Make Holiday Hosting Easier 

One of the busiest times of the year is just ahead of us, the winter holiday break. Holidays and hosting go hand in hand. We go into Martha Stewart mode and try our very best to impress our guests, wanting these gatherings to go off without a hitch. But not with out some worry. Why not make this years party less stressful by following some of these tips.

Prepare your food ahead of time. Have your appetizers already prepared before the guests arrive

  • Instead of slaving away in the kitchen, simply put your appetizers or food in the oven so you can spend time with your friends and loved ones instead of stressing in the kitchen. Don’t overthink your food; look at these Make-Ahead Holiday Appetizers from Real Simple ( for some ideas. Generally these are great to have at any party, so the guest will stop bugging you and constantly asking when the food will be ready!

Have group games/activities

  • No one likes awkward silence so save your guests the stress by preparing some games to play. It is an especially great idea because it can bring people together even if they do not know each other! Mafia is a great game to play, as it is ideal to play with a large group of people. The holidays are about getting together with the important people in your life, so spend time together in this fun way!

Communicate with your guests on time/date and on what everyone should bring

  • Communication between you and your guests are key. You don’t want a guest to show up before you’re ready let alone on the wrong day! Be clear with the tie and date but also of what the guests should bring with them! If you are having a potluck, be sure that no one brings the same thing, we don’t want our guests to feel like their food isn’t as good as their peers.

Ask for help and accept help

  • Don’t be afraid to ask and accept help. Your guests would want to help you in anyway they can, so ask them to do a task to take some stress off of yourself! Enjoy each other’s company and get duties done as well.

People Doing Good: Save the Sea with FOREO


Winter weather is harsh on our skin, but that doesn’t mean that we should just accept what is happening! FOREO is a personalized facial cleansing rush and anti-aging device.

“As a beauty innovator, FOREO is committed to creating sustainable skin care choices and supporting environmental conservation. FOREO partnered with Greenwave and Sea Life Trust in 2015 to build restorative ocean farms and sponsor endangered sea turtle rehabilitation and research”. 

Purchasing the LUNA Mini 2 Save the Sea Special Edition will not only remove 99.5% of dirt and oil creating an even looking complexion; it is made of silicone, which is a low-impact material. 100% of the net proceeds go towards the restoration of marine ecosystems. 

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