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The Apps Every Working Woman Needs

The apps that keep you organized, on time and keep stress levels low while on the job. Perfect for working women, or anyone that likes to stay on top of tasks.
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As a working woman, you are likely always looking for new ways to keep track of meetings, clients, time, paperwork etc. What if you could do all this, on your well trusted smart phone?! 

Here are some of the top apps every Boss Lady needs to make the day run smoother and ensure you never run late for a meeting again, or forget the names of those VIP's in the office. 


Time Tracking

30/30 - Always running around, doing 10 things at once? 30/30 allows you to manage your time right on your phone. Giving you options to delegate time for specific tasks and projects, sending reminders and timers to ensure you don't go over time. 

Hours - Sync this time tracking app with your desktop and phone, perfect for freelancers on the go. Keep track of your hours working on projects and tasks, no matter where you are with a simple stop and start button. 

Time Tree - Always trying to configure your calendars with friends and family, looking for a time that works for everyone? Time Tree allows you to share your calendar with other users, communicate in app about meetings or events with friends and share pictures and comments after it all. 


Wunderlist - A lover of lists? This app is for you! Keep simple lists of to-do tasks or shopping lists. Wunderlist allows you to share the app between users, making shopping trips or work tasks a breeze. Check off completed tasks and prioritize important to-do's throughout the day. 

LastPass - A Boss Lady means having multiple accounts and logins on websites and apps. Keeping track of these passwords can be a challenge! LassPass takes the guessing game out of login time, making it easy (and secure) to lookup your logins for your accounts. 

Flipboard - Don't miss an article on your favourite topic! Keep tabs on your must-reads, stay inspired with new reads and learn something new with Flipboard suggestions. Instead of searching the web for daily reads, Flipboard takes your top topics, and suggests readings and articles you may like.

Documents on the Go

Scannable - Using a computer and scanner for documents these days just doesn't seem worth it, and we're with you. Instead pull out your smartphone and digitally scan the document with a quick picture. Turning your images into a working document you can send or save, no matter the need. 

Sign Easy - For those times when we have to sign the important document ASAP! Download the documents right to your phone, and digitally add in your signature, for an easy sign on the go!

Flow Vella - Boss Lady on the go, can mean making presentations on the go. Flow Vella designed just for that, makes it easy to drag and drop elements to create an engaging and visual presentation while on the bus ride home. 

People and Clients

Cloze - Like they say; keep your friends close and your enemies closer! With Cloze you can do just that. The app allows you to keep track of top contacts on your phone and network circle. Instead of having to shift through mass amounts of texts, emails, social media posts etc. Cloze only gives you the people you want to see, so you won't forget to congratulate Susan on her new promotion, or Jenn on her engagement! 

Name Shark - We can't all be good at matching names to faces. If this is your weakness, Name Shark makes a game out of remembering everyones name in the office and on the job. Making you prepared to greet everyone in the office and at events by their name!

LinkedIn - Because networking on the go, means having the best right at your fingertips! Never forget to connect with a new contact.