Best Read's for Spring 2017

With our winter reads completed, it's time to update our bookshelf and office motivation! Some inspiring and motivating reads to add to the office bookshelf.
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With our winter reads completed, it's time to update our bookshelf and office motivation! Check our what we'll be reading this spring and have on hand for inspiration, motivation and a good laugh!


New Year, Same Trash

From comedian and blogger Samantha Irby, this short will be sure to bring a laugh and smile throughout the read. Sympathizing with all the New Year Resolutions that never really had a chance, you will read and learn that you are certainly not alone!


The Rules Do Not Apply

A memoir about a 38-year-old writer Ariel Levy - you go through the story and adventure of her life. Challenging and pushing the traditional boundaries and rules she knew, you explore how she approaches and tackles the adventure of work, love, and womanhood.

Oh, The Meetings You'll Go To! (April 18)

Forget your childhood reads by Dr. Suess, we have Dr. Suit on our shelves now! A parody on a classic milestone read, we now learn the reality of the "real world." Exploring the day to day events of a 20-something, we explore the hardships, the excitement and the honesty of our days! Welcome new interns or employees with a giggle and feel good moment!


21 Life Changing Rituals

This self-help book focuses on the daily practices that shape us, motivate us and encourage our daily actions and thoughts. Theresa Cheung writes 7 Morning Rituals, 7 Afternoon Rituals, and 7 Evening Rituals to build into your daily routine and promote a positive change in the day-to-day emotional stages of the day. Inspire the staff to switch up their daily routine, and try adding new rituals and feel good moments into their day.


How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life (March 28)

Who doesn't want to learn how to be a real 'Bawse' by one of Youtube's top influencers Lilly Singh? Her definition of a 'Bawse': a person who exudes confidence, reaches goals, gets hurt efficiently, and smiles genuinely because they’ve fought through it all and made it out the other side. Written in a bold and hilarious tone, this book will inspire, motivate and prove the realities of making it and succeeding in whatever you and your team are on to.