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Five Desk Essentials

Is your office looking a little empty? Get these five desk essentials to spruce up your workspace.

Is your office looking a little empty? Get these five desk essentials to spruce up your workspace.

1. Plants

A stuffy office calls for the need of a plant. There are many low-maintenance plants to pick from. Not only do these plants provide a pop of greenery in a dull office space- it also has many benefits. A spider plant is proven to improve air quality leading to lower levels of stress. You’ll be able to spot its long leaves in your peripheral vision whilst you work. Both Cactuses and Aloe plants are easy to look after. Needing minimal water and little room to grow. These are ideal for small office spaces.  Why not add some freshness to brighten up your space?

2. Organizers

Keep your office space tidy with the help of desk organizers. These help you look organized at times when you don’t feel particularly all together. Toss your old pens that aren’t working any more and put the new and well working in a brass pen organizer. Having a clean work space can influence your productivity. So you don’t constantly have to be cleaning messes but can focus on the task at hand. Organize your work by separating finished work with current work. Once your boss comes around you can easily locate the venture. 

3. Art Work

Admit it everyone day dreams. We all need a little motivation some times and it can come in different forms. Taking a break from work for a few seconds can help clear your mind. Let your mind wander and admire a calming art piece, then regroup and collect your thoughts. Mini breaks can help your efficiency as long as you get back to work with more vigor. Put up a motivational quote on your wall to keep yourself  determined. When you face an obstacle this can be the little push you need to complete the task. 

4. Memo Pad

Memo pads are great to have at your desk simply because of the usability of the stationary. Write down the goals that you want to tackle on for the day. Jot down ideas or reminders. The possibilities are endless. And while you’re at it, buy a cool memo pad that your colleagues will be jealous of!

6. Snacks


Our energy levels decrease throughout the day, but there are ways to change this. Munch on office snacks that will boost your energy and efficiency!  We all know the feeling when the clock stops at work  and tiredness starts to set in. This is when you pull out your favourite office snack. A healthy option is  Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips or Archer Farms Trail Mix and for those who crave salt choose Veggie sticks. Let these keep you motivated until the end of the day!