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What I’m Reading: 4 Rosé varieties and what you need to know—we had no idea that there was such a difference between the types and colourings of Rosé.


What I’m Reading: 4 Rosé Varieties and What You Need to KnowExploring-Rose-Wine-Varieties-by-Wine-Folly

We had no idea that there was such a difference between the types and colourings of Rosé. You often think it is the easy drink of summer, where most bottles can be lightly consumed, or added to a summery cocktail.

Grenache Rosé – the grapes are often grown in Spain and often have a quite a fruity and sweet taste. If having a Morrocan, Middle Eastern or Indian inspired dish, the spices and sweetness pair well.

Pinot Noir – from California and the regions of France, has a dry taste and smell, with bursts of fruit and citrus while drinking. If you love to flavour with green herbs like thyme and basil the Pinot Noir is the drink for the dish.

Sangiovese – Made from a cocktail of red fruits – think strawberries, cherries and raspberries combined with hints of spices and cloves. This is your go-to bottle when you aren’t sure on the best wine pairing. The combination of spice and deep fruit will complement dishes like Chinese, Thai, curries and Italian!

Syrah – This Rosé is far different from the others. A mixture of white and red pepper is the base of the flavour, while cherry and lime zest give it the pop of fruit and sweetness. Seafood dishes and vegetable based dishes will taste delicious paired with a Syrah Rosé.

Life Hacker: Become the Master of the Rio 2016 Olympics


Whether you’re following the Summer Rio 2016 Olympics, or if you like to pretend you know what’s going on while listing the medal count, Google and Bing have you covered this year.

Simple search links and phrases will instantly bring up the results you are looking for:

Rio 2016 / Olympics : An overview of the games and standings

Rio 2016 Schedule: Will bring up the games schedule for the day. This will ensure you won’t miss your favourite games and you can pretend you know what’s happening when you say the games on at 2pm!

Athlete/ Game Search: This will prompt the times, finishings and event schedule for the specific athlete or game. Making it easy to follow your favourite games and athletes.

Medal Count: Will give you the most up to date medal standing by country/ game and athlete. Keep tabs on your country by simply adding that into the search.

People Doing Good: Pineapple Leather Replaces Vegan Leather

Spanish designer Carmen Hijosa founded the company Ananas Anam during a business trip to the Philippines. She was introduced to the “barong talong, a traditional Filipino shirt woven together with fibres of pineapple leaves” Huffington Post. It was here she was inspired and took the concept back to the U.K. and Spain to continue developing it and creating Piñatex – pineapple leather.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.21.42 AM

Piñatex retails at a more affordable price point for consumers, about 10USD less/ square metre than your standard leather. It is versatile enough to be manufactured into bags, shoes, apparel and accessories. As well as easily dyeable, to make the leather almost any colour you want.

How is it made? Piñatex is made from the fruits leaves, something that would usually get thrown away can now be turned into a wearable, biodegradable garment or accessory. 

How amazing is this fabric, soon we will be living in tropical plants as they fill our wardrobes!

Have a great weekend!