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5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout from the Crowd

In the current working industry your LinkedIn profile can be as important as a paper resume. Learn the trip to building the best LinkedIn Profile Page for you.
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Whether you are looking for your next adventure, or a way to stay connected with everyone you meet, LinkedIn is an amazing platform for professional relationships. Invest the time to create a profile for yourself that will stand out amongst the crowd and represent you professionally.

Here is 5 quick tips to make a killer LinkedIn profile, and ensure that you are using all the platform has to offer for your benefit:

1. Add Personality to Your Copy

Instead of copy and pasting the text from your CV or resume, when you write your position descriptions add some personality and conversational elements into them. You want to attract someones attention, and intrigue them enough to continue reading or reach out to you. 

Keep the position descriptions brief, and focus on highlighting the important tasks you endured in the positions and the main accomplishments you achieved during this time.

2. Get a Real Headshot

This is the first thing a recruiter will see when looking at your profile. Don’t crop a photo from a vacation 5 years ago! Grab a friend and your smartphone (a camera is even better and take some new headshots for one another. Try and avoid the serious power pose, and try a subtle smile -  it shows you are friendly and recruiters will see this as inviting.

If you can, bring in some colour to your headshot. Whether this is through what you choose to wear or the background. Switch out the classic white button up and try something with an eye catching colour, or a background that has some personality. 

3. Keywords can be Your BFF

The list of keywords you build into your profile will differ depending on the industry you work in. Make a list that is relevant to the position you currently hold or hope to achieve, and incorporate these into your position descriptions, summary and profile headline. These keywords is what recruiters will use to scan profile pages on LinkedIn and will result in a high chance of your page showing up.

When adding them into your position descriptions, be sure you are not overusing them and only incorporate relevant ones to the position and responsibilities you held. Try and build 1 to 2 into each piece of text and be sure to not be repetitive with the same keywords.

4. Keep it Up-to-Date

No one wants to see a profile with your last position dating back to 2009, when you've still been working! Make sure that your positions are up to date as well as your headline listing your current position or career goal. Keep you profile summary relevant as well, whether it changes based on personal or career achievements as well as your goals and current responsibilities.

Make your profile accessible and easy for recruiters and connections to get in contact with you to. Listing an email address they can use to contact or link your social media profiles for recruiters and other industry members to get a hold of you or you can use to showcase your work on. 

5. Make Connections

Keeping track of business cards, or trying to remember the name of the person you met days before at the networking event can be a challenge with everything else you have going on during the week. Instead, at the time of the meeting or just after, take out your phone and open up LinkedIn and add the connection so you can stay in contact. 

Build your networking circle and keep in touch with the people that you meet. Staying up to date on what they are up to can also help you in the long run when it comes to trying a new adventure or helping you take on a big responsibility at the office.