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How to Network like a #GirlBoss

Is networking not your favorite thing? With these three tips to you'll soon be networking like a pro!

3 Tips to Help you Network Like a Pro

Never Dismiss Anyone as Unimportant

In the world of networking everyone you meet is considered a connection and extension of your personal and/or professional network. Everyone has a different skill set and you never know what the person you met at a conference three years ago could help you with today or vice-versa!

Be Active on LinkedIn

Regularly posting on LinkedIn, keeping your profile up to date and finding people in your industry to connect with or ask questions is a great way to network. LinkedIn was designed to help you professionally network with individuals in your industry and aid in finding a job! If you want to read more specifically about how to use LinkedIn effectively then read our other blog posts about How to Master LinkedIn and 5 Tips on How to Make Your Profile Stand Out.

Utilize Social Media

Is there someone in your industry that you look up to? Follow them on Twitter or Instagram to connect! Social media is something we use in our everyday lives so why not utilize it for networking?