Decluttering Your Office Space

Don't forget to spring clean your office this season. An organized workspace will help increase productivity and create a positive work space.
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Spring cleaning time is here, and lets not forget one of the spaces we spend most of our days. A clean desk and organized workspace has been proven to increase your productivity and overall positivity. 

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Keep a Calendar in Visible View 

Skip double booking yourself, or missing on meetings because you lost the piece of paper you wrote the important notice on. Instead keep a calendar in view, where you can stay on top of your meetings, appointments and deadlines.

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Only Put Necessities At View

There are a million and one desk supplies one can keep on their desk, and for that reason only keep the most important things on the desk. Think pens (in an assortment of colours), stapler, memo pad and whatever else you find yourself reaching for on a regular basis. We find when our desk supplies match, it gives the illusion of less clutter.

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Bins Can Be Your BFF

It is near impossible to not have paperworks and documents lying all over the place during the work week, but do yourself a favour and keep it organized. Use bins or magazine holders to keep certain papers together and clear up some desk space (so you can actually get to work!).

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Don't Use the Office as an Extension of Your Closet

We all stash extra layers and shoes in the office during winter, however, with spring now on the horizon we can finally say goodbye to these. We no longer need the pair of old boots incase we get hit with a mid day snow storm, or the 8 scarves and hats we keep leaving at the office. Take them home, they'll clear up space (we promise!). 


Mug Hoarder No More

On the same note of putting things back where they belong - the same goes for your dishes and mugs. Its like back in your college days when you would hoard unwashed dishes in your room until you had no other choice! Take the 3 unwashed mugs and 2 smoothie cups to the kitchen and rinse them out. Its alright to keep your favourite mug on the desk for coffee break, but don't over do it!

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