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7 Days of Button Ups

Button ups are a staple item in everyones closet. A very versatile go-to piece that can be paired both professionally and casually.
Button ups are a staple item in everyones closet. A very versatile go-to piece that can be paired both professionally and casually. The possibilities are endless with this item as it can come in various colours, prints and fun details! We have compiled seven different looks for each day of the week. Challenging you to wear this staple for seven days. Styling outfits should be a breeze this week, hopefully you find some that you enjoy! 

Monday - Classic White Button Up

We are starting the week off strong and put together. Opt for your classic fitted white button up top and your go-to suit set. This is a simple and perfected outfit combination that is associated to this shirt. Don't fight it! Best to pair it with Signature Seamless for Women .

Tuesday - Statement Sleeve

Tuesday calls for a fun take on the button up shirt. Pick a statement sleeve to add a little pazaz to your outfit. The sleeves make a statement on their own so when getting a top like this get it in a neutral colour to make it easier to create outfits with. Instead of denim go for a fitted trouser to reign in the fun. Best to pair it with Lace Cap Sleeve for Women.

Wednesday - Colour and Patterns

We have made it half way through the week and to celebrate wear a coloured or pattern button down. Or both if you're feeling up to it. Pair this shirt with a patterned skirt. Mixing prints is very on trend and is a simple way to brighten a persons day! Best to pair it with Signature Seamless for Women . If you get warm feel free to unbutton your shirt to show the white tee beneath!

Thursday- Skirt Combo

Back to business people. We are going for the other classic pairing, the button up shirt and skirt combo. You cannot go wrong with this outfit as the fitted shirt and knee length skirt screams Girlboss! Best to pair it with Crop Top for Women.  

Friday - Night Out

We made it!! Wear your reliable white button up skirt with a good old pair of jeans on casual Friday if your work permits it. This item allows for the easiest transition to a night out look.  Just switch the jeans for a fun flirty skirt!  Best to pair it with Crop Top for Women. The crop is great for changing waistlines from jeans to a skirt!

Saturday - Easy Linen Shirt

It is the weekend, finally! Time to run some errands but who says you can't be comfortable and stylish doing them?! Wear a relaxed linen button up shirt with a loose jogger. You will look put together but little do they know that you are comfortable as well!Best to pair it with the Reversible Tank!  

Sunday - Time for Oversized

Sundays are also known as lazy days. Wear an oversized button up shirt to again stay comfortable. Pair it with your favourite jeans and a oversized sweater if the weather is a bit chilly. Best to pair it with the Fitted Bamboo Tee!