How to Master LinkedIn

We often forget about our online presence and the importance of keeping it up to date. Prioritize your LinkedIn profile this week, and declutter and update it!

We change our wardrobe seasonly, so why not our online presence? Take a look at your LinkedIn profile, if you don't regularly and give it a clean up and update.  If you do not currently have a LinkedIn, then this is a good time and place to start. We’ll give you tips and tricks to follow to maximize your presence on this platform. It’s time to get your social networking on point, everyone! Not only do you want to create a positive online professional presence, be sure to also make use of this platform to its fullest. Make yourself more dynamic than just reiterating what is on your resume. Sell yourself and let the opportunities come to you.

Here are some general tips and tricks that you should consider:

  • When completing your profile, make sure that you spell check. This is something that you should already be aware of, but I will remind you once again!
  • Nail your headshot. Present yourself in a professional manner and dressed for your industry. People are more willing to look at your profile if there is a picture with it.
  • Your headline is very important because this is what shows up along with your picture on Linkedin searches. Say something professional; articulating your expertise.
  • Get endorsements and recommendations. With your skills are endorsed, this helps to shows recruiters that you are indeed qualified.
  • Showcase your volunteer experience. It is just as important as paid work.
  • Once you are done creating your profile, don’t forget to keep it up to date. If you receive an award or promotion at work, go ahead and publish it.
  • Be engaging on this social media platform. After you are done creating your platform, don’t stop there. Continue to engage with your connections and join in on discussions.
  • When on the job hunt look at look at the potential companies that you want to work for. Research the current employees and prospective to get an understanding of the competition. Remember to turn on the anonymous mode in the privacy settings so you can be invisible while snooping.
  • A huge tip to help yourself network on this platform is to join groups. Engage in discussions and gain new connections.