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Wake Up Ready to Take on the Day!

The best tricks and routines to become a morning person, any day of the week. The first few things to kick start your day, ready for a successful day.
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Morning's aren't for everyone, and we get that! We looked at the morning routines of successful women to find the best tricks to get a head start on your day and tackle your mornings head on.

Rise and Shine

The earlier you are to rise, the more prepared and awake you will be to begin your morning routine. If you aren't a morning person, slowly adjusting your schedule to wake up 10 minutes earlier each week until your ideal time is a great place to begin. 

Drink up!

Skip the coffee as your immediate morning drink, warm water with lemon is a great way for your body to cleanse itself and wake up. 

Get a Boost of Energy

Fitting in a quick workout in the am will get you ready for the day and give yourself that kick of energy you need, especially on those slow mornings. If you can't fit in your entire workout, try a 20-minute run or walk or a quick 10-minute core workout or full body circuit. More of a yoga person? Roll out your mat and do a routine to get the day started.

Mind Over Matter 

Take 5 to 10 minutes after your workout to meditate. Reflecting on the past, the present and the future will put you in the state of mind to get the best out of your day. Your choice of meditation is going to differ from one another, so find a way that works for you and add it to your morning routine.

Prioritize the Day

Write a to-do list (or mentally jot it down if you aren't a "list" person) and prioritize what you need to get done in the day to feel accomplished.