The Importance of Basics

The Importance of Basics

Tried and true, basics are the backbones of any working wardrobe. They’re also a great foundation to work off of when you feel a little stuck on those mornings when you’ve hit the snooze button a few too many times. White tee? Black tank? A great fitting pair of jeans? Trousers? Check and check! Oh and a long-line blazer or leather jacket never hurt to throw into the mix.

It’s also worth saying that basics don’t have to feel so basic! Incorporating them allows so much room to play in an outfit, whether it’s with some statement jewellery, like chunky gold earrings or a standout pair of shoes. They’re something we all need. In fact, I bet you have your favourites that you wear all the time. We know we do! So wouldn’t it be nice to skip the wash a few times on that perfect silk button-down you manage to wear to work, weekends and even on nights out? Um, yes, yes it would.  

Our collection of undershirts (excellent for layering and keeping your clothes feeling fresh) and basic tees are always a great starting point for any outfit. Whether it’s a heels and sequins kind of day or a jeans and tee day. We got you!

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