How to Wear an All White Outfit in Winter

Whoever said no to wearing white after Labour Day, didn't know about winter whites. The trick to winter whites is layering and textures.
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In the winter months, we find it easier to reach for the dark clothing. Some have the excuse that it reflects the mood of the "winter blues," but in reality, it is just an easy and convenient routine. Mix things up with your NUMI  and give winter whites a go, whether it's at the office or for a casual weekend l look.  

Play with Textures

The beauty about winter layers is they come in a variety of fabrics and textures. This makes it easier for you to add some different ones into your outfit. There is no need to worry about layering a chunky knit, with a soft cashmere sweater, or pairing a wool trouser with a chunky knit. When you don't have colours in the mix, you can get creative and as comfortable as you want in your favourite sweaters. 

When you use different textures in your outfit, you are adding in subtle prints and patterns with the weaves and natural feeling of the fabrics. Don't let this scare you from a reaching for both a horizontal and a diagonal weave knit sweater and bottom. They'll create dimension and interest in the outfit.  


Not Your Standard

Have a Focal Point

Just like a photograph, you have to find something to ground the eye. The best way to do this is with a shoe, because, let's be honest, do you really have a white shoe that's suitable for winter? 

Wearing a brown or even a black shoe isn't too harsh for an outfit like this. With the mixture of textures and chunky layers, the darker shoe will create a focal point and stop you from looking like a floating cloud. In addition to the shoe

In addition to the shoe, have a go at layering a darker coat for the commute. Often get cold in the office? Layer an indoor coat or long cardigan in a darker shade to complete the outfit no matter where your day takes you.


Lindsay Marcella

Mix n' Match Shades

Like the colour black, no two tones of white are going to be the same. Instead of trying your best to match the cool tones or the warmer tones of white, embrace the contrast and make the most of the mismatching shades of white. The different tones will play off with the textures and add more dimension and contrast to your all white ensemble. 

If you don't think you are quite ready yet for the all white look, here is a great time to throw in some other colours. If you stick to the light and muted tones, you can get away with the washed out white outfit. Stick with nudes, pale peaches, and cool blues to get the most from your monochromatic outfit. 


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