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What are undershirts for?

It’s standard for men to be wearing undershirts, but what about for women? Undershirts actually have many uses for us too! Obviously here at Numi, we appreciate that our undershirts are designed to prevent sweat stains and extend the life of your clothes. But there are many reasons why wearing undershirts can be beneficial for your daily life (and closet)! 

Provides Comfort 

It may be uncomfortable sometimes wearing certain fabrics, especially if you have sensitive skin. It can be irritating for your skin when stiff or itchy fabrics, or the buttons and seams rub and contact against your skin. Undershirts give a layer of protection so you can wear your favorite styles without compromising comfort. 

For Sheer Tops

Sometimes the cutest tops are sheer, and undershirts help provide a solid layer under light or sheer clothes and help cover what’s underneath. You get to keep your modesty without looking like you’re wearing too many layers. 

Smooth, Uniform Appearance 

No one likes wearing clothes that have lumps and bumps, wearing an undershirt helps coverup those random bulges. Wearing a second layer of clothing provides a smoother and uniform appearance without taking off any staple pieces.


Loose-fitting blouses, plunging necklines, not uncommon to see in the summer months. Wearing an undershirt can help make them look more professional and modest – especially for women who may want to cover cleavage while staying in style with the summer lookbooks.

Protect from stains

If you wear deodorant or antiperspirant, it’s very likely that they will stain and they don’t wash out easily. You don’t want your new and expensive clothes to be stained and removing them can be really painful and time-consuming. Wearing an undershirt can help you save these special pieces of clothing. 

Absorb Sweat 

Secret Sweat Technology

And finally, absorbing sweat. It’s not fun seeing wet marks under your arms, and it's uncomfortable to have a damp patch. That’s why Numi is perfect for this exact situation, with our signature Sweat-Secret™ Fabric Technology panels in the underarm area that wicks and absorbs moisture away from your body. 

Features that are important for a good undershirt are to fit against your body like an invisible second skin, it’s not meant to be seen (although there are more and more people wearing undershirts as a visible fashion statement), and it should prevent problems mentioned above! One of the best things about Numi undershirts is that they're also very cooling – perfect for the summer and preventing those sweat stains. 

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