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What to Wear to Spring and Summer Weddings!

Wedding season is upon us, meaning that it is crunch time in terms of figuring out what you have to wear to these events!
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Wedding season is upon us now that the weather is getting nicer (finally!). Meaning that it is crunch time in terms of figuring out what you have to wear to these events! But not to worry we have got you covered. Since the weather's getting nicer, let’s reflect that in what you should wear! We are highlighting NUMI's Crop tops.


This is a great option for layering under all your pieces especially when the weather's getting warmer. Florals and lighter hues and fabrics are huge for this season and the next! Here are some dresses that you can pair your NUMI with.  From indoor to outdoor weddings, we have you covered no matter the temperature! Don’t forget to pair your NUMI underneath to protect you from any unwanted embarrassing stains!

Here Are Our Top Picks:

This pale blue is stunning for this season, we are breaking away from the darker colours people! This dress is simple with a wrap front. Pair it with the nude crop top for a seamless fit. This is a great option because it can be worn for multiple occasions, family get togethers or even a fancy date night! 
This set is an unexpected option. Instead of opting for a dress, why not switch things up and go for a two piece! We know that typically wearing white to a wedding is reserved for the bride, but this is a black and white outfit so maybe you can get away with it! The outfit is timeless and the length of the skirt allows this outfit to look dressier as well. A nude crop top will fit perfectly beneath this so you don’t have to think about perspiring. Go have fun!
Resorting to florals for a spring or summer wedding is a no-brainer. This dress is specifically for all you pregnant ladies out there! The floral pattern is subtle and not excessive as it is printed in a larger size, therefore creating more of an elegant look. The length is modest and the best part is that it shows off that baby bump! Wear a nude crop top with this, we know that your temperature tends to fluctuate, so we will protect you from any perspiration! The NUMI crop top will be an invisible layer beneath the dress.   
We want you to have fun at these occasions and not have to worry or fuss about any sweating that will take place. Pair a NUMI Crop Top beneath your dress or set and have a fun night!