What to Wear to Work for Women in Cold Weather

Winter wardrobe tips for women that work for the office and the work commute. Layers, indoor jackets and undershirts to keep you warm.
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When it comes to deciding what to wear in the winter months, nothing sounds better than comfy layers and cozy knits. However, the work week often requires something else. Here's some of our favourite styles to wear in winter that is perfect for any office:

Everlane - Cashmere V-Neck
NUMI - Lace Cap Sleeve
Banana Republic - Collarless Belted Jacket
Vince - Lounge Pant

The More Layers, The Better

With the cool outside weather and the indoor heating, layers are your best friend in the winter months. Starting with the perfect layer is a NUMI Undershirt, with the bamboo fabric helping to keep your body at a stable and regulated temperature. Stick with thin sweaters and blouses and when you need to, you can remove layers while still looking workplace chic.

Indoor Coats are Your BFF

Take advantage of indoor jackets and wear your favourite lightweight jackets in the office. Stick with suiting fabrics like wool, tweed and knit, or even leather and suede for your indoor jackets. Collarless jackets, moto jackets or belted blazers are a great piece to throw on top of a sweater to add an extra layer and keep your outfit looking great. Make indoor jackets a thing - blazers etc. 

Choose Booties Over Flats

The long tale myth - that if your feet and head are warm, the rest of you will warm up is quite true. When picking shoes to wear, forgo the heels and flats, unless they cover your entire foot. Heeled booties are a great alternative for the cooler months, keeping your feet warm and protected from the outside snow saving you from having to keep a shoe closet at the office.

1. Aquatalia - Paula Suede Boot 2. Nine West - Sadia Boot 3. Aldo - Etiwiel Ankle Boot