Summer Trend Alert: All White EVERYTHING

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What I'm Reading:

At Home with White

Read this home décor book to discover all of the different ways you can use WHITE to decorate your home for the summer months! 

Life Changing Hacks:

How to Get Yellow Stains Out of White Clothing

This article shares how to get rid of and prevent those pesky underarms stains that ruin the look of your beautiful whites. Keep those whites clean all summer long with these tips! **Spoiler** 1 of the tips includes layering with NUMI undershirts.

What's Getting All the Attention:

Top 13 Foods to Avoid on a Date - and save your clothes!

There is nothing worse than dropping food on a brand new white blouse and staining it! Stay away from these foods the next time you go out for dinner, to avoid the potential messy disaster. 


Who's Inspiring Me: 

The Blogger that ONLY Wears White: Ivania Carpio

This Dutch fashion blogger embraces a true minimalist fashion by only wearing all white! Check her out here and pull from her pure and yet edgy style for your summer outfit inspo.