Temperature Perfected

AdapTex™ powered by 37.5® technology removes humidity, balances temperature, controls moisture, and keeps you in your comfort zone longer.

Unveiling the Magic of AdapTex™

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Regulated Humidity

Maintains body at 37.5°C and the skin's microclimate at 37.5% relative humidity, optimizing comfort.

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Expands Comfort

Balances temperature to keep you in your ideal comfort zone longer, regardless of activity.

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Delays Liquid Sweat

Prevents liquid sweat buildup by removing moisture vapor before it condenses, ensuring dryness and comfort.



Utilizing the natural antibacterial properties of Merino wool, our garments remain fresh and odor-free, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without the need for frequent washing.



Utilizing the moisture-wicking features of Merino wool, our apparel dries rapidly, ensuring your comfort and allowing you to move freely.

Summer Essentials

The AdapTex™ Collection

 Thermoregulation Tailored to You

Stay Comfortable Year-Round with Personal Climate Control

Stay Balanced, Stay Comfortable

Ideal Temperature and Humidity for Lasting Comfort

Dry. Fresh. Confident

Eliminates Liquid Sweat Before it Starts

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Light Support

Offers gentle structure for unrestricted movement.

Longer Lasting@4x.png__PID:8553dc9e-c757-47e6-a1aa-ff88dd10d690


Creates a sleek and polished appearance, gently contouring the body for confidence.

Silky Soft Feel@4x.png__PID:bd294a51-cb41-4ce8-92b0-a6e3f49fab58

Silky Soft Feel

Luxuriously soft against the skin, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

"#color_Fawn|Alex is 5'7" and wears a size S

The Best-seller reinvented

The Signature in AdapTex™

Our most-loved undershirt style with sweat-proof shields, paired with a new thermoregulating fabric technology for summer, is exactly what your wardrobe was missing.

  • Designed with built-in sweat-proof underarm shields
  • Short, seamless sleeves
  • Reversible scoop neckline

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