3 Simple Styles for your Silk Blouse

3 Simple Styles for your Silk Blouse

Wear your silk blouse with confidence, with the protection a NUMI  offers. Here are 3 styles you can recreate with your workwear basics to get the most out of your silk blouse this week!

Monday Morning Chic

feat. NUMI Signature Seamless in Almond

Start your week off with a structured blazer and straight-legged pants in neutral tones so you can mix and match with your other accessories throughout the week. Layer a NUMI Signature Seamless under your silk blouse for protection, and you'll be ready to take on any Monday morning task. 


Midweek Simplicity

feat. NUMI Crop Top in Almond

Keep things simple with a neutral pencil skirt and your silk blouse for a polished mid-week look. Don't feel like adding an extra layer? Opt for a scarf instead. Paired with a NUMI Crop Top, your body temperature will be regulated, so you won't need the extra layers! 

Casual Fridays

feat. NUMI Lace Cap in Black 

Keep things casual with a pair of flattering blue jeans, with a NUMI Lace Cap undershirt, you can let your feminine sideshow. Add a pop of color to your outfit by switching out a neutral tote for a bright shoulder bag so you can transition from work to play effortlessly. 



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