Lunch To-Go

Make a lunch for your on the go lifestyle with zero waste and cute lunch time accessories the office will envy!

Lunch is often the one meal we eat away from the home - whether on-the-go, at the office or pick up from the food court. This often leads to unnecessary waste and spending you can avoid with a bit of pre-planning. 

Making and packing a lunch in the morning can save you time and money, a few dollars a day can add up and who knows pay for a short vacay away from the office! We have a few great solutions to get your lunch from the kitchen to the office hassle free, with little to no waste:

Lunch Containers

Takenaka Bento Box - are a colourful way to pack your on the go lunch, in a variety of colours and sizes these expandable lunch containers come in a variety of sizes and are useful for just about every snack you will take for the day. (~$38)


Planet Box - is a stainless steel Lunch Box, designed to separate your snacks allowing you to put just about any snack in the box. With a buckle closure, you know your food is going to stay put and not end up all over your bag before lunch! (~$40)

Lunch Wraps and Bags

Abeego Food Wrap - a beeswax food wrap is a green alternative to plastic wrap. Keeping your food fresh, this wrap can be folded into snack bags or used to wrap pieces of fruits or vegetables to keep them fresh for your lunch. ($15 to $18)

Re-Zip - these reusable plastic snack bags offer the convenience of a Ziploc, without the waste of one! Throw in your snack, seal it shut and throw in the dishwasher at the end of the day for your next pack lunch. (~$12/2)

Water Bottles - a silicone coated glass water bottle, will keep your water cool (and you!) A bottle that no one else in the office will have will ensure no one is reaching for your bottle by accident. The perfect size to throw in your purse, and cute enough to keep stationed on your desk throughout the day. ($28)

Swell - a stainless steel water bottle with just about any print you can think off to suit your style! In a range of sizes to suit your water consumption needs (or coffee with the 12 hours it can keep your drink warm), these bottles are lightweight and again can double as a desk accessory. ($25 - $45)

Lunch Bags

Kate Spade - Who doesn't want a lunch bag from our favourite quirky designer Kate Spade! An upgrade from the paper bag, this will keep you waste free and with the polka dotted linen exterior with gold detailing, we really don't mind. ($30)

Baggu - this multi-purpose mesh bag, can be folded into a pouch post lunch hour and can double as your grocery bag on your way home. Available in a range of colours (to match your BentoBox of course!), these lightweight bags are washable in case any spills or stains occur during lunch hour. ($8-$14)