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How to Stay Healthy While Away on Business

When you travel it's easy to break your healthy habits. Here are some quick solutions you can add to your schedule to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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Balancing your work life, social life and healthy habits at home can be enough of a challenge. If you find yourself traveling frequently it can be easy to break these habits or give up on your healthy lifestyle.

A study done at Columbia University on 13,000 people found a link between those who frequently travel for business and an increase in health risks such as obesity, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol levels.

You can still take care of yourself while away from home with a few tips that will keep you on the right track.

Pack Healthy Snacks in Your Bag

Wherever you travel, pick up a few healthy snacks from the local grocery store to stash in your bag while on the go or commuting. Having these options on hand while you’re hungry will prevent you from picking snacks high in sugar or sodium.

Why not pack: Granola bars, Mixed Nuts, Dried Fruits and Crackers

Recognize the Difference Between Hunger and Boredom

Keeping yourself entertained while waiting between meetings and appointments is always easier with food. Instead, bring your laptop along or a new book and take the time to catch up on work or exploring an interest of yours. You will quickly learn that about 3 out of 4 times, you were not in fact hungry, just bored!

Bring Your Healthy Habits out to Dinner

When dining out with clients or friends, restaurant choices can be overwhelming. Opt for healthier options, or don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions to your meals (but don’t go overboard!) A few changes such as dressing on the side or having your food baked will make a huge difference.

Limit the Alcohol

It can be tempting to over drink when gathering at the bar after a day of meetings, but it is alright to choose a non-alcoholic beverage. If you want to grab a drink or 2, try and stick to lighter drinks - white wine, martinis or soda based drink. Avoid sugary cocktails—many drinks contain as much as a meals worth! If you do want to drink, stick to lighter options like wine or a light beer.

Make Use of the Gym

Just because you don’t have access to your regular gym machines or fitness pass, doesn’t mean you can’t break a sweat. When the gym is only an elevator ride away, there should be no excuse to fit in a workout between meetings. If you don’t have a gym at the hotel, try and fit in a morning walk or youtube a hotel room workout!