How to Dress for an Interview (for Women)

How to Dress for an Interview (for Women)

Job interviews can be super stressful. Between trying to impress the interviewer and trying to stay’s a lot of pressure. 

A great way to feel more confident, prepared and mentally ready for the interview is to create a great outfit. There is no one size-fits-all approach but we’ve assembled our Top 3 Tips to help you dress for the big day!

1 - Pair a blazer with a blouse or a knit 

Want to walk into your interview feeling powerful and confident? Well, it’s called a power blazer for a reason. You can dress it up or dress it down and you’ll still look polished. Our go-to pick to pair with a blazer is a blouse. Interviewing in a colder climate? You can’t go wrong with layering a knit under the blazer. For extra protection to keep your knit or blouse from appearing see-through, layer our Signature Seamless undershirt as a shell. They fit snug to the body and will also help protect you from the all too real, nervous sweats. Our undershirts have been crafted specifically for sweat-control so that women can put their best foot forward feeling confident, comfortable and prepared in an interview situation.

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We know that choosing a top can be confusing and leave you wondering what is too casual and what is too fancy. So we’ve created a little handy graphic guide for you to use.

Women's Job Interview Shirts to Wear  - Blazer, Blouses, Knit Sweaters

2 - Stick to tailored, dark and neutral bottoms

Smart trousers and slacks are a foolproof choice for bottoms, however, if you feel like they could be too formal for your interview you can go for a pair of dark wash jeans. Jeans are a controversial clothing item for a professional workplace. However, if you’re interviewing at a startup or more casual business then you can definitely go for jeans that are straight cut. They are a great alternative to skinny jeans and they look so flattering with a pair of heels. If you’re interviewing at a more formal business, you can’t go wrong with slacks. The best colours to stick with are black, navy, beige and grey. Some great style choices are; cigarette, slim-cut or straight cut. Check out our picks for pant do’s and don'ts!

Women's Job Interview Pants to Wear - slacks, trouser, dark wash jeans

3. Keep your accessories polished and minimal

When you’re choosing a pair of shoes to wear to an interview, definitely go for comfy and cute. 

Skip the stilettos and trade them for a low-mid chunky heel or a nice pair of flats. 

Chunky heels are perfect for looking great and saying comfy! Definitely refrain from wearing any sneakers or sandals, no matter how casual you think the business is.  Dainty and minimal jewelry is a good bet for pulling your whole outfit together. It won’t distract from the full outfit but will add a little je ne sais quois. A staple item to invest in and wear to an interview is a high quality watch. Get a dainty watch and it’s the best of both worlds! You’re also going to need something to check the time while you wait for the interview and avoiding your phone will make you seem extra professional. 

Women's Job Interview Shoes to Wear - heels, loafers, booties, jewelry, watches

How to Dress for An Interview (for Women)

  1. Pair a blazer with a blouse or a knit
  2. Stick to tailored, dark and neutral bottoms
  3. Keep your accessories polished and minimal











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