The Journey After Breast Cancer

Getting back to ‘normal’ life after breast cancer is rarely discussedread more on the struggle of surviving in a new body.

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The struggle beyond breast cancer – surviving in a new body.
It will get better. It will get better. It will get better.” – Alice Davies Breast Cancer Survivor

For many women, it's very difficult to become comfortable in their body post breast cancer surgery. Alice, a 32-year-old woman, felt it was never necessary for her to wear an undergarment especially after her mastectomy. “I just didn’t want to wear anything, I would hide under oversized t-shirts and sweaters every day.”

When diagnosed with breast cancer, Alice truly believed she will never be the same. Comfort and confidence were just thoughts to her. Women who go through breast cancer surgery often struggle with finding undergarments best suited for their comfort and appearance.

All women deserve to feel attractive and confident. The impact of treatment on body image and self-esteem is not to be underestimated or ignored. Finding a well-fitting, comfortable, and functional undergarment is not the easiest process. However, it is possible, with the right knowledge and guidance, you can reclaim the most important element: choice. When breast cancer is a part of your life, a certain amount of distress, anxiety, and fear is normal. There is always a brighter side to every battle.

Although sports bras seem to be an obvious solution, we need to look further than that. When it comes to comfort, we need to consider a few factors:

  • Bras with underwire are painful and hard to fit into, as the shape of reconstruction is different from natural breasts
  • Apex point in many bras don’t necessarily fit some women who don’t have nipples after surgery
  • It is difficult to wear a sports bra every day to work, business meetings, a night out, and so on
  • Women who have had a lumpectomy or mastectomy are dealing with balance and alignment issues that can negatively affect the spine, shoulder, and neck
  • After treatment, the matter of lingerie can feel a bit trivial
  • There are side effects of the treatment, sweating is one of them

Having said that, there is a way for breast cancer survivors to regain their confidence. It is important to do the right things to help yourself feel as good as you can every step of the way. One of the major steps one can take is look for fabrics like Tencel, that is proven to help prevent post-surgery infections. The soft fiber from the bamboo plant was found to have antibacterial properties in clinical trials which could help the 10 percent of women who get infections following mastectomies.

Another factor to be considered is the intensive sweating which could by caused by hormonal changes, chemotherapy, some medications, and infections. With our signature Sweat-Secret™ Technology, an extra layer is designed to keep you feeling confident by wicking and absorbing moisture away from your body. Alongside this benefit, the double layer prevents moisture from staining and damaging your clothes. Explore our Undershirts Collection.