How to Maximize Your Lunch Break!

How to Maximize Your Lunch Break!
Lunch breaks can be seen as the highlight of a work day. There are many things to do during this time and it all depends on what you need to get accomplished. Typically an hour long, what do you do in this short amount of time? Well, there are quite a lot of options actually!

Running Errands

Let’s maximize your time and check off the nagging errands that need to completed by the end of the day. Eat lunch at your desk and use the full hour to run to the bank or post office. Getting these done at lunch will allow you to go straight home at the end of the day!

Catching Up With Old Friends

This is the time to socialize people. Grab your co-workers or friends and go out for lunch. Enjoy a break from work and stay in the know of what your friends are up to and vice versa!

Working Out

Recharge by getting a good workout in! Take a fitness class or go for a run/walk. This will guaranteed get your spirits high and ready to finish off the day. Don’t forget to wear your NUMI right after to help cool you down and protect your clothing from post-workout sweat! Opt for the Signature Seamless in Nude for all of your favourite workwear!

A Little TLC

Take a little time for yourself. This can be done many ways. You can stay at your desk and listen to a TED Talk (take a peak at the list we made ourselves!) or podcast. If it is a nice day, go read a book in the park!

Learn a New Language

Feel like doing something fun? Why not learn a new language. Dedicating a few minutes per day can help you pick up a language quite quickly! There are so many to pick from, French, Spanish, Danish or Mandarin. Start today!

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