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Time is Money — Here's How to Save It

A revolutionary Swedish mop, household hacks to save time, and productivity tips based on your personality type.
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The Swedish Mop Used at Nike Headquarters Makes Cleaning Almost Fun

Kiss your old mop good-bye, and say hello to the cost-effective, eco-friendly Bona mop. Read why it makes your mid-week clean-up more bearable. 



3 Simple Home Hacks to Free Up Time

These simple tips will help make your daily chores fly by; like doing less laundry when you invest in a NUMI

home hacks

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How to Dress for an Interview

Preparing for interviews and important meetings can be stressful and sweat-inducing, but here are style tips to keep you sweat-free in your NUMI for any major meeting or interview. 

Women's Job Interview Shirts to Wear  - Blazer, Blouses, Knit Sweaters



How to Channel Productivity Based on Your Enneagram Type

Sometimes staying productive during the day is tough, but this quiz will let you know how to be more productive based on your personality type. 

How To Channel Productivity Based On Your Enneagram Type



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