Study Shows Men Have a Better Work-Life Balance

Are Men Happier With Their Work-Life Balance Than Women?

This infographic demonstrating the recent survey done by digital media company Captivate Network shows that men are happier than women in the office.  According to the study, men are 25% percent happier at work compared to women and they are mostly more satisfied with their work-life balance. Here are a few facts that we think are really interesting to hear between the gender differences:

-When it comes to doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and shopping, women take the lead in doing these chores.  Sheryl Sandberg quotes similar statistics her in book Lean In and has great advice here advising women to "make your partner a partner."

-Men are 35% more likely to just take a break to relax than women and they are 25% more likely to take a break for personal activities like lunch and working out.

Do you take time to yourself?  If so, what kind of activities do you do to unwind and relax?

The survey also shows how happy people achieve a work-life balance. These are great take aways for anyone seeking the same thing. Most happy people take time for vacations, leave work at a reasonable hour, and take breaks during the work day.

What are some ways that you try to create a good work-life balance?