Announcing Our New Partnership with Samahope

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We are excited and honoured to announce our partnership with Samahope, the first global crowdfunding site focused on doctors and making it possible for anyone, anywhere to change a life.  

“Sama means equal in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. It reflects a core value that my father taught my brother and me: all people are equally deserving of dignity and opportunity. He instilled in us a belief that we have a duty to help people who weren’t as lucky in life’s birth lottery.”
-Leila Janah, Samahope Co-Founder

2 billion people have no access to basic surgical care.  Each year millions of women and children worldwide suffer from treatable medical conditions but lack the funds to undergo corrective surgery.  In fact, the world's poorest 1/3 receive only 3.5% of all the surgeries performed worldwide.  Thousands of charity clinics and hospitals try to fill this "surgical gap" with dedicated doctors and health workers, but must raise their own funds.  These doctors each have the capacity to treat more patients, but lack the funds to reach patients in need.

Samahope connects individual donors to doctors who provide treatments in five high-impact, low-cost categories with a high return on investment:  birth injuries, birth defects, burns, blindness and trauma.  

In our partnership, Nudy Patooty will donate a portion of all sales from to help fund a Samahope doctor each month.

This month, we are supporting Dr. Priscilla Busingye, a Catholic nun, the Medical Director of Holy Virika Family Hospital, and the only obstetrician and gynecologist in the Kabarole district of Uganda.  In rural Uganda, the problem of maternal health is massive. As the only Ob-Gyn surgeon at the hospital, each month she performs approximately 200 deliveries (3-10 per day), 75 C-sections (0-5 per day) and 8 fistula repairs. With further funding she can provide more surgeries, and amplify awareness campaigns to reach rural women who are seen as “nobodies,” but who are very important women in this country.  

Please click here to read more about Dr. Busingye, the lives she has changed and find out how you can get involved and help fund her efforts in Uganda.