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What's in Our Care Bundle?

(1) The Signature Undershirt in your chosen color
(1) The Lace Undershirt in your chosen color
(1) The Crop Undershirt in your chosen color
(1) Care Kit (contains our Odor Relief, Static Relief, Wrinkle Relief, Stain Relief fabric-safe sprays)

Total value of is $235.00 CAD, all wrapped up in our signature pink Numi bag.

How To Enter


Nominate 2 of your favorite nurses, doctors, or medical practitioners.


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Reviews From Our Medical Heroes

Happy Nurse
"These shirts work wonders! I'll feel myself starting to get a little sweaty under my arms and look expecting to see a stain and am pleasantly surprised to see nothing there! Even after a 12-hour shift, no sweat stains to be found :)"

Don’t Sweat It!
"My granddaughter is a nurse who works 12 hour shifts. She also inherited very active underarm sweat glands. I purchased 3/4 sleeve shirts for her to wear under her uniform and she absolutely loves them!! These shirts offer warmth and sweat protection at the same time - definitely a win-win situation!! (In warmer weather she wears a short sleeve shirt beneath her uniform). My granddaughter always wears one of your shirts under her uniform and so never worries about underarm sweat stains or offensive body odor. Thank you for such a great product."

12 hours shifts w/ no sweat stains and website Easy to navigate
"Not only do I love my NUMI undershirt for my long 12 hour shifts in the ICU, their website is easy to navigate and shop on."

Love this shirt
"I am a nurse anesthetist and this is the perfect undershirt for work. It keeps me warm in the operating room and the 3/4 sleeves don’t get in the way when doing sterile procedures. Very soft and comfortable too!"

Perfect to wear with scrubs!
"I am a nurse and love these shirts under my scrubs. They have replaced all of my other under scrub shirts. I have low thyroid and get cold easily so I need an extra layer even in the summer. However, as a nurse (especially now with COVID-19) I often have to work in extra PPE that doesn't breathe and can make me sweat after awhile. This shirt is the perfect mix of keeping me warm when I need it and preventing sweat stains when I get hot all in the same shift!"

"I'm an ICU nurse and have struggled finding a product like this for a very long time. Now, I use it for my 12 hour shifts and it has been absolutely AMAZING, especially during this pandemic with all of extra gear we wear. I now own 3 pairs and don't plan on stopping. Thank you so much for making this! If any of you are hesitant on whether or not this works, please take it from me and BUY IT ASAP. I'm SO happy to say that I can now work all of my shifts without having a single worry about what my scrubs look like :')"