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Welcome to Numi

We are Numi. A brand that celebrates what it means to be a woman. We make consciously created products that make life a little easier.

It's been a tough year. And we're ready to start getting out there and getting dressed again. Are you?

Treat yourself to any Numi top and save 20%* with code SPRING20

*Offer excludes Last Chance items and accessories (The Mask, The Pouch, The Care Kit). Cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Essesential Undershirts

Liberate your wardrobe. Our classic collection of Essential Undershirts changes lives and dry cleaning bills. Wear that favorite shirt without a care. Sumptuously soft undershirts that keep you feeling fresh and clean today and tomorrow.
New Color
The Signature
$65.00 USD
Woman wearing The Crop undershirt from Numi in deep brown
The Crop
$60.00 USD
Woman smiling while wearing The Three Quarter undershirt from Numi in light beige
The Three Quarter
$65.00 USD
Woman smiling while wearing The Lace undershirt from Numi in black
The Lace
Regular price $65.00 USD Sale price $55.25 USD
The Boatneck Crop
$60.00 USD
The Boatneck
Regular price $65.00 USD Sale price $48.75 USD
Woman wearing The Bodysuit, a sweatproof undershirt from Numi in light beige
The Bodysuit
Regular price $75.00 USD Sale price $45.00 USD

Sustainable Silk™

Set your silk free. Meet the easy wear, easy care Sustainable Silk™ collection. Machine washable and stain repellent. It's designed to fit into modern life like a dream – day or night, work or play. Wear your silk whenever, however.
New Color
The Simone
$190.00 USD
New Color
The Audre
$120.00 USD
New Color
The Ida
$140.00 USD
New Color
The Hedy
$100.00 USD

What Our Customers Have to Say

This shirt has been the best purchase I’ve made since... we’ll ever! With Numi I am no longer self conscious about horrible sweat marks in meetings and can wear silk again! Thank you Numi for allowing me to be the confident boss lady I knew I was! 

Katie O.

The top is very comfortable. Adds so much confidence to know that no matter what happens during a day, underarm stains don’t have to be included in my list of concerns and I can always feel confident in my tops. Very happy with the purchase.

Emily B.