Fall Layering - Numi

Fall Layering

Fall is officially here; the air is cooler, the days are shorter, the leaves are changing, and the layers of clothing are multiplying! We get it, it’s hard enough figuring out one layer of clothing to wear, and now you have to worry about even more! However, you’re in luck, because layering is our thing - we thrive during Fall and all its Fashion layers. Continue reading to learn how Numi can make Fall layering easy, comfy, and chic! The Numi Essential Undershirts are the key to layering season. They are lightweight and breathable with an invisible fit, making them the perfect base layer. Their absorbent underarm pads will keep you dry all day long, from work to the pumpkin patch! Wear it under your favourite blouses, sweaters, blazers, and leather jackets to stay dry, feel fresh and prevent sweat stains. They come in various colours, styles, and sleeve lengths - your layering options are endless! When we talk about everyone’s favourite blouse, we’re referring to The Simone Button-Up Blouse. Everyone needs a classic button-up in their wardrobe for that simple, effortless, and classic look. It is made with our Sustainable Silk™, making it lightweight and stain resistant to water-based liquids. No need to cry over spilled pumpkin spice lattes; just throw The Simone and your Essential Undershirts in your washing machine and you're good to go!

A look we totally Fall for is The Simone over your Essential Undershirt (giving you ultimate sweat stain prevention) with a sweater or blazer layered over; you’ll stay warm and dry while looking ever so chic! Happy Fall!