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Reimagine Fashion and Mindful Commutes | Friday Five

Head into the weekend feeling confident, and up to date on what's been getting the attention this week with fashion, sustainable living, and lifestyle.
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What I'm Talking About: Fashion Industry Learns to Fall in Love All Over Again

Throughout the past decade, the fashion industry has been an active participant in the White House fashion, from public events with the First Lady to magazine spreads and covers appealing to hundreds. With the primary focus on American designers and custom couture, allowing local designers to showcase new collections custom projects to a wide and international audience. 

via Hollywood Reporter

However, as Melania Trump prepares to take over the White House closet, will her fashion lead more to European designers and off the shelf pieces disconnecting the American Industry from politics, a relationship that Hilary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama worked hard to create and maintain during their time as First Lady. As well as choosing to avoid the public eye in the past, Melania does not present the same opportunities for designers to dress her, promoting their names and labels to the world.

First Ladies in Vogue

In the coming months, all fashion eyes will be on Melanie as she begins to step into the public eye and watching the labels she decides to wear as she attends events and public speakings alongside President Elect Trump.  

Life Changer Hack: Make Use of Your Morning Commute

During the chaos of the morning, we often forget that everyone else is just like us; trying their best to be on time for their 6am shift start or their 9am meeting. Constantly thinking of ourselves and how we can make the commute easier and effortless. 

Well and Good has broken down the morning commute and made some suggestions how you can arrive to work without the stress and worry from the early morning.

1. Shift Your Mindset - Well and Good wants to remind you that you are the traffic and the crowd that is so eagerly trying to make it to work. Adopting this mindset, instead of complaining about 'the traffic' will make it easier to be a part of. 

2. Focus on What You Do - Start your commute with a positive mindset and keep that mantra throughout the commute and as you begin your day at work!

3. Pay Attention to Your Body - In the rush of the morning, we forget that it's a huge shift for our bodies to go from lying in a bed, to running around and on the go. "Take a few minutes to settle into your body" (wellandgood).

4. Observe Everything - Take your mind off the stressful traffic and crowds, instead, paying attention to your surroundings and the detail of what is around you.

5. Be Kind - Smile at the person sitting across from you on the subway, hold the door for the person behind you or let them into the feed of traffic before they run out of time. A kind gesture early in the morning will not only bring cheer to you but also those around you.

People Doing Good: A Bike Tire that Can Survive Anything?

We have all experienced the moment when your bike tire pops and you are either left walking your bike home, or unable to go on the adventure you wanted. 

They guys from Nexo Tires have come out with a way to make sure this never happesn to you again. They call it Ever Tires - an airless tire that never needs pumping up. 

With months of research and experimenting, they came up with a design that means "No air = No flats. Ever Tires are made of a one-of-a-kind unique polymer blend that promotes durability along with control." They were able to create a lightweight tire, by piercing holes in the material, instead of using solid polymer blend. 

As well as reducing the need for tire replacements, Nexo also looked for a way to manufacture their tires in an eco-friendly manner to cut down on emissions and rubber waste that is commonly linked with both new and old tires.