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Whether it's a Monday morning, a mid-week hump, or the excitement of the coming Weekend, planning outfits for work is never easy.
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Whether it's a Monday morning, a mid-week hump, or the excitement of the weekend, planning outfits for work is never easy. It's about finding the perfect blend between looking put-together, while feeling fabulous! That's why it's important to keep your workwear versatile, comfortable, but low maintenance. 

The One Piece Wonder

Filling your wardrobe with dresses and jumpsuits makes it that much easier and faster to get ready in the am. No need to look for a top to match the pants, it’s a 1 hanger sort of look.

Investing in Your Wardrobe Staples

When choosing your dresses think of the fabrics. You don’t want something that is going to cling to you, or too light that you have to fear it blowing up in every gust of wind. Jersey (like the DVF wrap dresses), linen or wool are great choices for dress fabrics, and also the most common making it easy to find.

Keep the colours and prints for these pieces as classic as you can, this way you can invest a more pricey garment, knowing you will get plenty of years of wear out of it. To update and keep your look on trend choose in season accessories. This will also allow you to transition your dresses and jumpsuits from summer to winter.

Alternatives to Safety Pinning Necklines

Worried about low necklines or the deep v’s that some dresses and jumpsuits have? Don’t run to the jar of safety pins you have. Instead of damaging the dress and creating poor bunching and twisting at the neckline, layer a simple undershirt or cami underneath. Something like the NUMI Lace Cap Sleeve undershirt will look intentionally placed with the peek-a-boo lace trim, as well as give you that extra coverage to keep you feeling clean all day and sweat stain free.

How to Avoid Laundry Each Week 

If you are investing in your wardrobe dresses, you don’t want to find yourself washing them after everywhere. As more delicate pieces, you will find them not lasting as long as you hoped with continuous washing, even if you take them to the dry cleaners once a week. How to avoid washing your clothes each week? It’s easy, layer underneath. Wearing something else that will take the beating of everyday activity and movement, leaving your outer fashion wear dirt free. NUMI undershirts are a great solution for this, fitting smoothly under your dresses for an invisible look, while also keeping your clothes and you clean and fresh all day!


Updated Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe essentials for the working woman, always consist of a white blouse and a dress pant. But who says these essentials have to be simple and boring? There’s a reason they are basics, however they can be anything but!

Finding the Perfect Dress Pant

When choosing your dress pant you want something that is timeless. Consider a navy pant next time instead of black, you will find the change in colour will refresh your wardrobe and also not make it feel like you are wearing the same pair of black pants all week! You will also want to invest in the quality and fabrics of these pants. Finding something breathable and quality fabric will have you continuously reaching for them in the morning, and with that you want something that is going to be able to live up to the beating it is going to get on a day to day basis.

Choosing a Fit 

You want them to be tailored, offering a flattering figure and shape, however not too fitted that movement is restricted. The fit of these pants will set the base for the entity of your outfit. Too baggy and most tops will have you looking like your entire wardrobe is 2 sizes too big, but too tight and you may look like you shrunk everything in the laundry.

Wearing a pant that has a slightly higher waist line will make your more comfortable throughout the day. The extra few inches will keep everything in place, while you also don’t have to worry about the low riding pants or the added bulk from wearing a belt.

Finding Your New Favourite White Blouse

Just because you’re filling your wardrobe with workwear essentials, doesn’t mean you have to veer towards a white button up. Instead choosing something with a more feminine shape will balance out the tailored bottoms. Something loose and breezy, you will find easy to wear and pair with just about anything in your wardrobe. To avoid added bulk and material at the hips, try something that cuts off above the hips. Pairing with your pants that have a slightly higher waistline, will make your legs look longer and create a clean silhouette.


Investing in a white top is something we often fear, yellowing underarms and dullness of the whites from washing is a pain and quickly makes your favourite shirt turn into something you never want to wear. To avoid these from damaging your whites, layer a NUMI undershirt underneath. Extending the life of your favourite clothes as you will find yourself washing much less, as well as the extra protection in the underarm will keep your shirt nothing but white! To avoid tucking in a long undershirt or cami, creating bunching and those dreaded undergarment lines, try the NUMI Crop Top. Giving you the same coverage, but cuts off just above the waist.