Friday Five: Favorites

It’s Friday’s Five – Keeping you updated on the happenings and life hacks that keep you sane during the week!

It’s Friday’s Five – Keeping you updated on the happenings and life hacks that keep you sane during the week! With long weekends in tow this week, take the time to relax (especially the five it will take to read this!)

Natural Beauty – Do You Bare It All, Or Have Your Go-To Natural Beauty Products?

The three Streicher Sisters each share what natural beauty means to them, their favourite products and tricks and their natural beauty routine.

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Jenn (left) – Make Up Artist

Thinks natural beauty all starts with a good base. Focusing on your face cleansing habits and products will result in a “luminous beauty” look. Choosing vegan brushes, as a more natural approach to putting on your makeup will only help your face become the perfect canvas we all wish for. Staying on top of your diet is also a great start. Eating clean and taking care of yourself through what you eat, will have a positive impact on your skin, as well as ensuring you are drinking your 8 glasses a day to keep you hydrated (especially during the summer months!)

Ashley (middle)– Hair Stylist

Thinks natural beauty is “working with what you have”, embracing each flaw you have and being true to yourself. Ashley finds it difficult to use natural hair care products, finding the alternatives heavy on the hair and not as effective as they should be. Finding natural vitamin supplements to give you extra benefits than what you consume in your diet can help with more luscious locks and skin. She enjoys spending time outside in nature, and finds the fresh air benefitting to her natural beauty routine.

Kristie (right) – Brow Artist

Thinks natural beauty is about embracing the way you look, and understanding that the natural attributes you have are what often suit you best. She is a fan of natural and organic beauty products, understanding that what you put on your skin, is also going into the body. As well Kristie believes that focusing on a natural and healthy diet and getting enough of your daily vitamins should also contribute to your natural beauty regime. 

From 3 beauty experts, the repeating natural beauty enhancer is diet and staying hydrated. Focusing on what you are putting in your body, will have a lasting influence on what your outer body looks like. As well as working what you got, and not being afraid to flaunt the au natural side of you!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream: How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

Summer is here, and with that we welcome backyard bbq’s, kids done school, that long awaited heat and the constant desire to snack! 

Kill two birds with one stone with this 5 Minute Ice Cream in a Bag hack. Keep the kids busy, or create some bbq entertainment and competition while making a delicious snack. 


What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 3 tbs of pureed strawberries (If you want plain vanilla, just leave out the strawberries)
  • Any additional fillings you want – Sprinkles, Choco Chips, Caramel Sauce etc.
  • ice
  • rock salt
  • gallon size Ziploc bag
  • quart size Ziploc bag
  1. In the Quart Size Bag: add cream, vanilla and any other toppings you want. Close the bag, and make sure that it is securely sealed, letting most of the air out.
  2. In the Gallon Size Bag: Fill the bag about 3/4 full with ice, and sprinkle 1/4 cup of rock salt onto the ice. Now place the Quart Size Bag (with filling) in the middle of the ice bag. Sealing it well and keeping some air in the larger bag. 
  3. Now the fun workout begins! Shake the bag for about 5-10 minutes depending on the consistently you like. Once done, open the bags carefully and enjoy!

See I told you it would be easy, mess free Ice Cream in Minute solution. See who can make the best ice cream combination, or the best ice cream sundae creations!

Author and Princess at 7 Years old: How a Bedtime Story Changed the Future of this Young Girl

The innocence of childhood seems to go faster then we anticipate for the youth in this generation. When a bedtime story goes from excitement to disappointment for a 7 year old girl, we have to stop and think about what we are teaching them on a day to day basis. 

Questioning the idea that only white women can be Princesses, 7 year old Morgan Taylor decided to do her research and discovered some amazing stories on princesses of colour.


This bedtime story isn’t like your traditional princess stories, where the girl gets saved by her long awaited Prince Charming. Instead “Daddy’s little Princess” goes on an adventure where she meets lots of Princesses of colour. In the end determining that she too can be a Princess to her Dad and the rest of the world!

Happy Long Weekend!