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What I'm Reading: Spotify Picks on Customers for its 2016 Ad Campaign!
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What I'm Reading: Spotify Picks on Customers for its 2016 Ad Campaign!

brexit spotify ad

With the amount of images and ads we see on a day to day basis, it can be difficult to recall specific messages or images. Spotify's new outdoor ad campaign; featured on city landmarks and billboards around global cities, is a witty and memorable combination of graphic and creative phrases.

christmas spotify ad

Focusing their campaign around their customers, they used the app data and recall certain users specific use of Spotify. Making reference to how many times 1 user played Justin Biber's Sorry on Valentines Day to how early one started listening to Christmas music (in June!). 

What would you do if you realized one of their clever campaign images, was based on you!?

Life Changer Hack: Science Proven Hacks to Make you Smarter

We all want to live our best year, and strive to make the next better than the current. With these three simple hacks, proven by science, this could be the year of knowledge and learning!

Finding a hobby that we enjoy, and regularly find time to add to our schedule can be daunting. The endless amount of options and outputs can make it seem overwhelming and exhausting as you try things out finding one you love. 

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These 3 hobbies are great to add to your schedule, while also helping you achieve a bigger and better end goal: 

1. Writing: Not only is it a great creative output, it also challenges your brain and forces you to commit to something whether long term or short. Writing from your imagination, or copying notes from a favourite novel are both great options to start using pen and paper again.

2. Exercise: This is something that gets said time and time again! But it's true, adding some movement and high energy exercise to your day to day schedule will keep you energized and your brain healthy and young.

3. Curiosity: Exploring and obsessing over intriguing ideas and topics will encourage you to seek out new opportunities and experiences.

Check out the list for all the scientific exploration!

What's Getting All the Attention: NUMI... The Perfect Gift for Travelers according to Hilton Hotels

Still looking for that perfect gift? Hilton Hotels and Resorts added NUMI undershirts to their Jet Setter Gift Guide, perfect for anyone on your list that finds themselves part of the frequent fliers club!

The perfect travel companion for the winter (and summer) months. Helping to regulate your body temperatures and keep your small travel wardrobe clean and fresh throughout the trip. 

People Doing Good: Going Makeup Free, Shouldn't be Brave

As the news comes out about Pirelli 2017 Calendar, this years focus was "to create a calendar not around perfect bodies, but on sensitivity and emotion." (via Chatelaine)

With more women continuing to take the spotlight makeup free, the conversations about the actions need to be shifted. What began as an act of bravery, leaving media and outlets to think "baring it all out there" and letting the world see your flaws, quickly turned to a stand for feminism and the #nomakeup movement blasting on social media channels.

However, when did wearing no makeup have to mean anything more than just that? Why does there have to be a theory or an explanation for women choosing not to wear makeup in public. Whether it's an everyday decision or a weekly occurrence (or not at all for that matter), why do we obsess over the woman's reasonings and explanation for doing so. The Chatelaine article explains the fuss and the ridiculous ideas surrounding the #nomakeup movement and its present day theories.