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How to Make the Most of Your Summer Nights

Who says that the fun has to stop once the sun has gone down? Check out our Summer-Night Guide to take advantage of every second this summer!
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What I'm Reading:

Summer 2018 Night-In Book List  

Separated into categories such as Romance, Thriller, True Crime, and Music, this Book Review guide gives you something to read for any mood on those relaxing summer nights in. Curl up with a blanket and some wine and get ready for these page turners!

Life Changing Hacks:

How to Take your Summer Outfits from Day to Night 

Summer 2018 is all about “doing.” Don’t waste any more time struggling to plan and change your outfits by learning here how you can wear your summer day outfits into the night. With NUMI and these tips, you’ll look great AND have the most productive summer yet!

What's Getting All the Attention:

The Best Summer Date-Night Activities

Who says that the fun has to stop once the sun goes down? With the warm summer weather, comes the opportunity to be entertained all night long. Check out these creative date-night ideas for you and your S.O. to shake things up on these HOT summer nights! 

Who's Inspiring Me: 

Busy Phillips is Getting Her Own Late-Night Talk Show

Historically, the talk-show industry lacks racial and gender diversity. This is why Busy Phillips’s role as a female host and executive producer to her own late-night talk show is such a big deal! Read more to see how this female comedian sets the tone for women aspiring to succeed as a minority in their industry!