Tencel Shirts for Women

When it comes to shopping for apparel, choices in fabric have expanded far beyond cotton, polyester, silk, hemp, silk, and viscose. Two organic materials that have become popular choices are Bamboo and Tencel. There are a number of similarities between these two fabrics. From raw materials (both are rayon fabrics made from cellulose), to the manufacturing process, and even their final properties. Here at NUMI, we are proud to offer Tencel, as it comes from a more sustainable source, and the production process prevents the solvent from leaking into the environment and does not require dangerous chemicals. We care about the environment as much as you do.


Sleeve Length:
Woman wearing The Crop undershirt from Numi in deep brown
The Crop
$60.00 USD
Woman smiling while wearing The Three Quarter undershirt from Numi in light beige
The Three Quarter
$65.00 USD
Woman smiling while wearing The Lace undershirt from Numi in black
The Lace
$65.00 USD
Tencel Shirts for Women

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