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Business Attire for Women - Dressing Professional

Congratulations! You nailed the interview and scored that new job. Here are some guidelines for professional attire.
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Congratulations! You nailed the interview and scored that new job. 

The hardest part is over, or is it? Now it’s time to meet new faces, navigate the culture and politics, and make a solid first impression. You can’t wear the same thing you wore to the interview, but you still want to dress to impress. 

Figuring out the business attire for a new office is confusing, especially if you’re a woman. For us, “business casual” ranges from a tee and jeans to a smart dress with the blazer to match.

Hopefully, you got some insights into the office wear during your interview, but just in case they didn’t get a chance to take you on an office tour, we’re here to help. 

Feel confident on your first day (and every day after) with these office fashion tips for women.

1. When it comes to tops, modesty is key.

You want to avoid anything that shows too much skin. Crop tops, low necklines, and off-the-shoulder tops are all a no-go. Besides, it gets chilly in offices. Opt for blouses, collared shirts, boat necks, and knit sweaters instead.

Business tops should be modest, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Feel free to stick to solid colors, or branch out with a classic print. Playful (but tasteful) patterns can be fun. You’ll find plenty of options at stores like Everlane, J. Crew, Banana Republic, or Theory. 

As for fabrics, cotton, silk, and crisp linen blends are all reliable choices. Sheer fabrics are not your friend in a business environment. Pro tip: When ordering blouses online, know that the product photos can be deceiving. Zoom in, and read the reviews to see if people mention bra straps showing. 

Our undershirts can be a lifesaver for your professional wardrobe. The invisible fit is meant to blend in under tops while hiding sweat stains and regulating your body temperature. Wear the ¾-sleeve as a perfect layer under blazers or the Signature Seamless for short-sleeve blouses and during warmer months.

2. Look sharp with a smart pair of trousers or midi skirt.

Save the leggings and yoga pants for your work-from-home day. Office tops always pair well with trousers, and pencil or a-line skirts. Cropped trousers can be a nice alternative, especially during the summer months, and they look great with heels. Skirts should reach around the knee or mid-calf. Somehow, a long skirt can look either too formal or too casual.

Speaking of casual, if your office is more denim-friendly or has casual Fridays, you can try a pair of belted trousers or dressy jeans.

Neutral solid-colored pants are ideal and serve as the perfect backdrop to a patterned shirt. You can’t go wrong with black, gray, navy, or beige. If you feel constrained by solid colors, step out of the box with plaid, pinstripes, or tweed.

If pairing tops with bottoms stresses you out, don’t worry! Wrap dresses and midi dresses are perfect for the office, and you can accessorize with a cute cardigan or scarf. 

3. Invest in power accessories.

We love a power blazer, but a confident office look really comes together once you add the accessories. Having said that, we do recommend buying at least one great blazer that you can wear with almost anything. Blazers are a special kind of clothing item that can take the rest of your business outfit from casual to CEO. 

Feel powerful with the right shoes. Leave your sandals at home, and get yourself a pair of classic low pumps (no higher than 3 inches) or flats. Block-heeled sandals can work for more casual offices during the summer when you want to show off your pedicure. 

Finally, complete your look with a few pieces of jewelry. Jewelry should complement, not distract, from your business attire. Pretty pendant necklaces, a fashionable watch, and understated studs or hoop earrings are the way to go. Save your statement pieces for happy hour.