The New Boatneck Top - Numi

The New Boatneck Top

Our boatneck is finally here!

With the summer weather coming to a close soon, it’s time to take advantage of the sunny skies. Go on those picnics, hikes, walks by the water, dine on those patios. Show off your off-the-shoulder tops and boatneck tops or dresses and pair it with our new boatneck undershirt (a brand new neckline!) so you don’t ruin your cute clothes with sweat stains! Sweat is normal but it doesn’t have to ruin your clothing pieces!

After relentless research started years ago and community feedback, we’ve finally launched our new boatneck style, available as a crop or full length.

The new Boatneck and Crop Boatneck undershirts feature an extra low and wide neckline - in both the front and back of the shirt - making it the perfect undershirt for low-cut shirts and blouses and off-the-shoulder tops. It’s also made of NUMI’s breathable and sustainable TENCEL™ fabric that regulates your body temperature and keeps you comfortable whether you’re freezing or sweating.

There are already raving reviews of this new product with people sharing their love for the new neckline, especially from veteran customers. Loyal Numi customers who wear our undershirts everyday loving the new neckline, mentioning how it’s easy to style with everything. The versatility of the top is perfect for anybody and any necklines.

Keep it casual with a low neck top and stay cool in our Numi undershirt. 

Look your best with our new boatneck undershirt! Available here.